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Episode 2 Black or White


This week we discuss the very first episode of Laguna Beach, The Black and White Affair. Spoilers: There is not affair.



Episode 1, the black and white affair

Talan is ugly
Ironic: LC says Kristen causes drama
VERY lazy way to start the show, just telling you who each charater is and their roll in the show
Why are they planning a party? Is it someones birthday? Or do they have too much money
Morgan: You can't come in unless you're dressed up. Fuck you in blue.
Planning the party, they name a bunch of background charaters you never see, could have dug deeper
Stephen has a job, that is neat. Does he need the job? Is he the hard working street tough?
He is not good as his job, he wasn't going to answer the phone
So many establishing shots, we get it, you're in the OC
Stephen kisses Kristen on the forehead
Sugar Cult, what the fuck?
Bubble bathing, ruin a hotel jacuzzi
LC is considerate for not ruining a hotel jacuzzi? These people are awful
Alex and Kristen talk about how hot Stephen is. Is he hot? Alex is supposed to be her BFF, but isn't a main character
Softcore porn quality acting
LC makes a point of saying the party is formal
Vaughan Penn I cant help myself plays while LC and Stephen look at each other
Stephen leaves with LC, to talk, because they're friends
No Doubt Simple Life plays while not simple stuff happens. We get it.
LC dad is a architecht, just like Ryan Atwood or Archie
Jim and Kathy are the only parents in Laguna
LC is a senior and now her parent's are building a new house? What are they saying?
"You're on my bed" "Nice" no sexual connotation
Stephen mentions The OC
Five for Fighting 100 years plays
A lot of stolen glances
Kristen wearing a long sleeve shirt and a short skirt
Talan has a whiny voice
Talan is boinking LC and Kristen?
Hotel $700 a night, not bad (Surf and Sand hotel) $659 a night
Jan is the mayor of Laguna and wants to ban dancing
Lo saying "were trustworthy" was the fakest thing in the world
Poor Stephen, too many girl like him. Fuck Stephen
Kristens father is named Dennis (Is he real)
Stephen says he could have hooked up with LC all the time but didn't, not a good thing to saying
Taylor saw Stephen leaving LCs. Whose Taylor? Taylor Townsend? Is MTV making people up?
Look what youve done by jet
No one is responsible. One of these kids should die.
Kristen is getting dressed, are those her sisters?
Jason Mraz, The Remedy
Smash Mouth, just Smash Mouth
They play get it started instead of Get Retarded, ahead of their time (Song clearly added in editing)
Sound is bad on the balcony, sound is kind of bad over all
Kristen is different, LC is making a point of letting Kirsten ruin her night
Something Corporate, Home
Lonely day by Phantom planet, OC refrence

There is always a song playing the background
Stephen never kisses anyone. Is he someons BF?

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